About me

My scientific work concerns the evolution of collective behaviour. I use mathematical and computational models, as well as experiments and data science, to study the interaction between cognition, behaviour and social organisation, with a perspective rooted in cultural evolution and complex systems. My research interests span the domains of social cognition, behavioural economics, decision theory, computational biology and language evolution. I am interested in questions such as how social conventions emerge in the presence and absence of institutional incentives, what special features of human social learning and innovation enable cumulative cultural evolution, how different aggregation rules shape collective outcomes such as the degree of consensus and polarisation in a society, or how social dynamics and norms interfere with the quality of scientific production. These models, in combination with empirical verification and validation, provide a method to explore possible ways of estimating the economic and social trade-offs involved in preserving cultural diversity, addressing inequalities and improving governance.


I am currently a Research & Education fellow at the School of Collective Intelligence (M6 Polytechnic University) and a CNRS Research Associate at Complex Systems Institute of Paris Ile-de-France (ISC-PIF), where I also was postdoc researcher. Previously, I completed my PhD in Cognitive Science and Language at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. During my PhD I obtained relevant training in computational social science and cultural evolutionary methods: a significant part of my research was developed during researchs visits to the Centre for Language Evolution (University of Edinburgh) and the Laland Lab (University of St.Andrews). I hold a MSc in Science of Language, a Licenciatura in Biology, a Licenciatura in Linguisitcs and a Diploma in Economics. I also hold a teaching position in general science at Fundación Estudio since 2011.